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Oval Alu Tray Cutwrk -S-L100cm


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This Kashmiri originated decor tray has been designed to make a massive decor impact on any of your surfaces: it is a masterpiece, one that will stand out where ever you place it. Made out of aluminium and shaped uniquely in a narrow, oblong form, this piece is an eye catcher of note. On top of this individual shaping, the creator has carved a gorgeous, Indian themed design onto the whole surface of the tray. Intricate and dazzling describes this carving, which rings similar to that of a vine with thick, gorgeous leaves coming off of it. This, combined with the oval and oblong shaping, plus the stunningly shined aesthetic of the metal makes for a one of a kind decor piece. Placed down the centre of your dining table, or on your bar, and overflowing with delicious foods, this tray will enhance and hypnotize your current decor and your guests. Make a bold statement with this piece and enjoy years of design pleasure in your home.


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