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Patterned Urban Vase, Medium


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Sleek, smooth lines taper up into a narrow neck and overhanging lip to make this stunning urban patterned vase. The striking violet colour melts into a softer plum shade, depending on how the light hits it. Funky urban patterns have been carefully etched around the body, for a uniqueness that will demand attention in a room. Sit this vase on a quirky vintage table, filled with a handful of wild flowers. Place it in the entranceway for a stunning welcome home display. The colouring gives off a calming, warming vibe, with the style being modern and unique. It could be at home amongst modern retro decor, or easily fit in with a home oozing rustic appeal. To keep things interesting you can move it about whenever you feel like it and even team it up with other funky glassware.


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