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Pinda Aluminum and Wood Side Table, Medium


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Decorate your home with a mix of lively furniture pieces that are functional and unique. This one of a kind side table in a mix of wood and aluminum, certainly oozes with its own elegant charm. The three legs are made from sleek, curved pieces of aluminum and attach onto a slim wood body. Against the sharpness of the aluminum, the wood is a beautiful contrast and the body attaches up underneath the circular table top. If you love to entertain, scatter these side tables around the room to hold drinks and nibbles. This table would also fit right in next to a soft leather sofa, where you may want to enjoy a drink while watching TV. Pile this table up with popcorn, a glass of wine and kick back to relax for the evening. Stand out and unique, this table is functional and will beautify any space you put it in.


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