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Pinda Aluminum and Wood Side Table, Small


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This side table may be small in stature but its big in uniqueness. Made from a mix of aluminum and wood, this small side table will be a functional and stunning item to have in your home. The three legs curve out from the base in sparkling aluminum. The central body is made from smoothed and shaped wood for a contrasting look. The circular table top is also made from aluminum, with the edges smoothed and polished. The overall look is elegant and timeless. Sit back in your favourite arm chair and enjoy a steaming cup of tea. This table can hold onto the teapot and a plate of biscuits while you relax. Being so beautiful, this table could easily be used while entertaining friends. Consider placing a few around the living area so guests can gather round and enjoy snacks while chatting. When not in use you can push this table to the wall or corner of the room, where it will carry on entertaining and decorating its surroundings.


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