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Planter Pots Set of Three, Gold Aluminium


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This magical set of planter pots is destined to bring Eastern flavours and dreamy feels to any corner of your home, whether inside or outside, that is needing a charming and fantastical design injection. There are three pots in this set and whilst all are large and chunky, they each vary in height and size. The mouth of each is round and wide, moving down into the body in a cylindrical fashion and ever so slightly getting narrower towards the base. Crafted out of aluminium and with a luxurious dark gold finish, the artist has hammered the entire body throughout, with small dents creating a vintage feel. The gold colouring is somewhat mottled and this again adds to the olden day mystique of this truly beautiful set of planter pots, a set that will surely set the interior bar very high in your home.


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