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Pokhara Circular Embossed Hanging Lamp


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Light fittings can be as bold and as brilliant as you please: many people are leaning towards making strong and stunning decor statements through smaller design elements, which all then work together to make a home that is filled to the brim with interior fabulousness. This aluminium ceiling light is nothing short of beautiful: polished silver in colour and with a long chain leading into the lamp shade, this piece is designed to be low hanging. The actual head of the light is shaped like an upside down basket and has been artistically cut and carved to make a unique and stylish shade design. Round circular shaped have been carved out of the metal, leaving a cross bar pattern within these cut outs. The result of this is a fabulously funky visual effect that will be intensified once the light is turned on. Dare to be different with your lighting choices and allow this metallic master piece to light up your space, bringing with it with a retro and individual feeling.


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