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Reclaimed Wood Bar Stool


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This bar stool is the perfect complement to any of our bar-height tables, but especially the stone top and reclaimed ones. The reclaimed natural wood holds a beautiful patina from years of use, and adds a rustic flair to any dining room or den. For the environmentally conscious, the stools will hold particular appeal, due to their reclaimed nature. When you buy this, you’re not only obtaining the perfect items for entertaining guests, but also doing your part to reduce waste.One of the best ways to ensure that your decor will last many years is to make sure that it matches as many other things as possible. With the neutral clours and lack of bright paint or lacquer, this table is an ideal fit for any taste. Its timeless nature, paired with its appealing visuals, will ensure that this table will be as timeless next time you decide to redecorate as it is today.


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