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Rope Canopy Pend Lightt-S-Whte


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This Small Cotton Rope Canopy Pendant Light is an earthy and inviting accent piece that brings Boho charm to your personal living space. The shade’s cotton weave has intricate detailing at the top surrounding the light bulb, with gaps for the light to diffuse through. As light filters through the white and natural linen tones, it casts a warm and inviting glow around the area. This striking pendant light is sure to draw a comment or two if placed in a entryway, hallway or sitting area and is small enough to fit in and draw attention to an oft-missed smaller space. A bright light bulb works well in this pendant light but get creative and try a few types to determine what works best for you and your preferred lighting style. It measure 38 cms (L) X 38 cms (W) X 61 cms (H).


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