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Round and Large Wall Piece, Silver Aluminium


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Aluminium has been given a design facelift in the form of this utterly enchanting and fabulous wall hanging. This piece will inject any bare wall with the true style brilliance that your home is so desperately seeking. The shaping of this hanging is circular and incredibly large. A raised rim moves easily into a slightly indented facing and the true artistry can be seen in the patterning placed on this piece: The rim has had bubble like marks pushed outwards, making for a bold visual. The facing is one big swirl, which moves effortlessly around and around until it hits the centre of this wicked wall hanging. A bright silver finish has been applied, and the colouring moves in, out and around the dented and marked patterning. There is no doubt that this silver aluminium wall hanging is nothing short of spectacular, a display piece that will leave in passer byers in total awe.


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