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Rounded Lamp with Shell Rose Design, White


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A stylish lamp can light up your home in more ways than one. This stunning rounded lamp with shell rose design will certainly be a head turner! Cool white shells have been crafted into a pretty rose design across the base and the shade is wide and circular, letting light up through the top and bottom. Give it pride of place in the living area, to use when you need a more subdued lighting in the evening while reading a book. It could also work well in the hallway to use as a nightlight when you go out in the evening. Of course this gorgeous lamp would also fit right into the bedroom area. Use it as a handy bedside lamp or alternately place it on your vanity cabinet. The fresh white tones and pretty design make it perfect to use as a decorative piece, so use it to add detail to a plain area of a room. It will work well with other neutral decor or even within a room with bolder designs.


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