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Rustic Stone Top Bar Table With Reclaimed Legs Black/Natural


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One of the most popular and striking trends in home andbusiness decoration today is the use of reclaimed or recycled materials infurniture and other pieces. This table is a perfect example, with the legs madeout of recycled wood, and the stone top in a matching rustic colour. This tablewill contribute to a warm, inviting atmosphere, reminiscent of your favoritepub. Pair this with a set of stools or chairs made of reclaimed wood for thefull effect.This is perfect for a smaller flat, due to the small yetfunctional size of the tabletop. Its ideal for two, but you may want to buyour larger four-seater if you plan on doing a lot of entertaining. This is alsogreat for your den, or any other small space where you do not anticipateseating a large number of guests.


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