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Rustic Wood Round Table with Modern Aluminum Base- Medium


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In every home, there’s a corner just dying to be filled with a bit of style. Maybe yours is an empty spot in the kitchen or a lonely space on your patio. The use of different seating arrangements is one of the hottest trends in design right now. Who says you have to commit to a 4 seater or 6 seater dining room table and be done with it? With this medium-sized round table, you’ll add cozy meeting place for two or three to your home. Imagine drinking a hot cup of coffee and poring over travel magazines with a friend at this stylish table. Or enjoy some me-time catching up on your favourite novel. The options are endless for using this all-purpose piece in your home. Thanks to the wooden and aluminum construction, you’ll be able to mix and match with whatever chairs you see fit. Keep it modern with stainless steel pieces or add a down-home feel with wooden chairs.


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