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Saucer Inspired Cement Candle Holder


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This delightful interior piece is nothing short of truly alluring and oh so captivating. This unique candle holder has been given a beautiful saucer like shaping and the designer has cleverly made this piece out of rough, strong and sturdy cement. Thick white stripes run perpendicularly around the candleholder which gives off a truly nostalgic and romantic candle light. The creator has chosen to colour this wonderful piece in a simple yet subtly classy white wash. The white wash allows for a rustic yet modern ambience, due to the little specs of different shades of grey peeping through the white paint. Place this stunning candleholder on any surface area or counter top and allow it to make a gorgeous interior design statement. Additionally, it is also superb for lighting outside areas such as your patio, balcony or veranda. The flexibility that this piece allows for is magical and it will truly be a spectacular addition to any area of your home.


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