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Serene and Sensual Blue Decor Vase


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Bring a sense and feeling of the seaside to your home with this ocean inspired organic glass decor vase. Thick, commanding and reflective glass has been used to construct this piece, which, although small in size, will bring a calm and composed atmosphere to any space in your home. The rim of this piece is chunky and strong, and a short neck moves quickly into an equally as thick set body. Long and rectangular in shape, the way in which the artist has carefully moulded the corners and contours allows this piece to be visually soft and smooth. The whole vase is coloured in a cool sky blue, which merges with the light glass to make a dapper design piece. You can place this vase on a kitchen surface, bare shelf or even use it as table decor. No matter where you decide to put this vase, it is destined to add a serene and lovely touch to your existing interior.


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