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Set Of 2 Round Gold Trays


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Gold is a stately colour, one that can arouse feelings of far away and foreign cultures and lands. This aluminium based, platter two set represents all that is aromatic about Eastern and North African lands and is destined to add a touch of spicy beauty to your dining room table. The rim of these platters is smooth in appearance which is contrasted by the inner and outer parts, which has been hammered to give a spotted effect throughout. This addition of the bubbles adds perception, depth and dimension to these flat rimmed pieces, adding greatly to their majestic aura. To be used to house gorgeous and lovingly cooked dinners, or even as display elements, these platter are going to bring an feeling of royal beauty to which ever surface you lay them on. The colouring will be further magnified against the backdrop of candles and dim lighting, allowing the gold to shine in all its natural glory.


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