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Set of 3 Decorative Condiment Bowls and Tray


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Who knew a condiment tray could look so inviting? Your dips, sauces and salsas are sure to look even more delicious inside these three condiment bowls. Perfectly-sized spoons rest inside for easy serving. The convenient makes carrying toppings from room to room a snap. Each bowl is designed to hold just enough of each condiment without being wasteful. You’ll be able to refill as needed thanks to the low-maintenance aluminum finish. The possibilities are endless with this classic item. Mix and match your spiciest salsas to accompany chorizo, tortas and enchiladas at your next low-key get-together. Serve creamy, rich dressings alongside fresh salads for a healthy but tasty treat with friends. Once the party’s over, don’t hide away your new household beauty. Display it for all to see in the kitchen. The blue and white design is sure to catch anyone’s eye and receive plenty of compliments.


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