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Set of Bowls, Silver Aluminium


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Aluminium has been presented in the rarest and exclusive of manners in the form of this set of three bowls, an addition to your home that will add a charmingly enchanting, bright and beautiful touch to any of your table tops, surfaces or shelves that desperately desire a design lift. Each bowl is a different size, namely large, medium and small. Interestingly they can be easily stacked and displayed within each other, or individually. Bubble like marks have been evenly dented into the body of these bright and arresting silver bowls, allowing for the colouring to take on a variety of tones and shades. This pattern addition also allows for visual depth and ultimate enchantment. Bold and shimmering in colouring and modern in shaping, this set of three silver aluminium bowls will stand majestically in any home which embraces striking d


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