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Set of Three Wall Hangings, Rounded and Silver


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Wall hangings of all styles, shapes and sizes can be used in your home to spice up and add a dash of pizazz to any bare wall in your home. This particular set of aluminium pieces is nothing short of majestic and striking. Three varying sized circles have been artistically moulded and created and upon each, a vintage inspired floral pattern has been intricately etched into the entire facing of each round piece. The aluminium has been given a dulled, silver finish which allows for some areas to be darker, whilst others shine and are bound to pour beams of brilliant colouring into your home. Easy hanging mechanisms have been placed behind each piece, allowing for simple hanging. The merging of floral inspired patterning, circular shaping and silver colouring is nothing short of breath taking and this set of three wall hangings will infuse your home with bold and beautiful interior styling.


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