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Soft Grey Cowhide Bench on Mango Wood Legs


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Two-tone soft grey cowhide, melts together to make the seat of this unusual two-seater bench. Lighter grey spreads towards the outer of the bench, with a stronger grey tone towards the centre. Flecks of differing grey tones can be seen throughout, which really catches the eye. Four smoothed mango wood legs splay out from each corner of the padded seat. A mango wood T-bar connects the legs together to create a sturdy base. Darkened grains swirl through the creamy coloured mango wood, giving interesting detail. Park this quirky bench at your kitchen table for those lazy mornings enjoying a hearty breakfast. The soft natural tones would work well with a vintage wooden kitchen table, or even a more modern industrial style. If your kitchens got enough places to sit, it could even work well in the hallway or in the living area around a dining space.


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