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Stately Aluminum Champagne Bucket with Built-In Stand


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When you throw a party, it’s one to be talked about for years. You’re not one to do things the traditional way and who can blame you? As a lover of everything grand, this champagne bucket and stand should be at the very top of your wish list. In fact, you may find yourself a bit surprised that the idea hadn’t occurred to you already. No need to worry. Now is the perfect time to add this stately aluminum bucket and stand to your home. While it looks perfectly vintage, this piece features all the comforts of modern-day design. The aluminum finish is durable and easy to care for. The solid base supports your bucket perfectly while the bucket is deep enough to fit the biggest of bottles. The circular handles make it easy to carry move it from one room to another. Just be sure to place this item where everyone can see it. It’s hard to take your eyes off a piece as grand as this one!


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