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Table Piece, Wood and Concrete


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This table piece is a complete one of a kind, a furniture addition that will allow your home to stand out from all the rest. Raw, dominant and incredibly contemporary, this piece will give you the extra surface space you have been searching for. Shaped in a standard manner, the uniqueness lies in the materials that have been used to construct this master piece, namely concrete and wood. A wide, round and beautifully flat table top created out of strikingly raw concrete sits upon four wooden legs. For ultimate stability, a wooden section sits under the concrete and stands as the base off which the earthy legs stem from. The legs have been made out of a lightly coloured, natural brown wood and have been left unpolished, which carries on the natural theme of this table. Greys and browns ooze off of this table, which is simple yet ultimately, an incredibly commanding and intriguing piece of furniture.


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