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Teak 4 Hook Coat Hanger


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Allow your hallway or the back of your front door to make a beautiful statement through the use of this uniquely constructed coat hanger piece, an item that embraces all that is magical about merging wood and metal. A thick plank shaped piece of ever luxurious teak wood stands as the base off which four charmingly crafted, metal hanging elements sit. At each end of these metal insertions, the loveliest bobble like pieces of teak have been placed, really pulling together the two materials. The teak plank is light and unpolished, left in its enchanting natural state. Markings and natural curves and lines can be seen throughout and on one end of the plank, a darker marking in the teak makes a stunning and earthy statement. Design pieces such as coat hangers do not need to be dull and only practical and this particular piece proves that. Earthy and enchanting, it will look magical on the back of any door or on any wall in your home.


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