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Vintage copper, dome pendant lamp


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Pretty pendant lamps can change the way a room looks and feels. This particular one is made of tough iron, with striking hammered detailing that pops out at you. The coppery finish sparkles out for an upbeat, stylish feel. A chain link attaches to the top and flows up to the ceiling. The overall look is a modern retro chic with dashes of vintage charm. It could easily turn heads in a funky warehouse space, surrounded by chunky woods and industrial styled pieces. It could also complete a stylish apartment with vintage flair. Hanging in a traditional country kitchen, it would also be at home. Wherever you place it, the stunning copper tones will sparkle out and grab people’s attention. Let it hang over your stripped wooden diner, to light up the area while you munch on bacon and eggs. Hang them around an open living area, throwing their light around while you lounge.


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