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Vintage Distressed Wood and Iron Chest of Drawers


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Choosing the right storage units is an important part of your interior decor and gone are the days of pure practicality. With this chest of drawers, you can allow mystical and foreign feels to pour into your home, all the while enjoying loads of extra storage space. The body has been made using sumptuously striking wood, whilst the six drawers take on an iron form. The wood is smooth and lovely and the artist has given it a distressed finish throughout, adding to the vintage tones. The drawers are large and arresting, with their face having been given a marked and hammered patterning all across the faces. A chunky, dark iron handle sits upon each drawer, allowing for easy use. The combination of the wood and the white, sanded finish on the iron is charming and delightful, ultimately creating a piece which will stand stunningly in your home for years to come.


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