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Vintage Infused Ceiling Lamp


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Glass is a fantastic material to use in any interior setting: it brings a seamless element of light and reflection into a space and is truly timeless in its ability to make a huge impact in any home. This ceiling light is a beautiful example of how glass can be used in a myriad of fashions. A long black chord leads into a classic, almost pendant shaped lamp which is made purely out of glass. This piece has been given a rustic twist in the way in which it has been painted: the piece has been given a light copper finish and the paint almost looks as if it has been dripped down over the glass shade. The effect of this is stunning, creating a very vintage feel in this ceiling light. Mottled black spots have appeared all over the copper coloured glass, creating a truly spectacular aesthetic. Light up any of you rooms with this unique and one of a kind ceiling light.


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