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Vintage, recycled iron bucket


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Tough, recycled iron has been skillfully re-modeled into this handy bucket. The paintwork will vary from piece to piece, due the unique hand finish in India. Given a slightly weathered look, this makes it exude with vintage charm. Olive green mixes with cherry red paintwork, against the cool metal. Use this bucket to ferry leaves and weeds about in the garden. Get yourself out on a sunny day, and tidy up the garden surroundings. When you have completed the weeding, use it to carry new soil over to the plants. After a hard days gardening, store it in the shed for future use. Built to last, this bucket will be with you forever. Extend your vintage theme out into the garden, and get quirky items to help you out. Get distressed planters, statues and accessories to complete the vintage look. Your neighbours will be green with envy, at all your funky features.


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