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Weathered iron, recycled round platter, small


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This small platter has been hand-made in India and finished off with a unique touch. No two will be the same, and the weathered paint finish will be in varying tones. This round platter is deep, to accommodate a large amount of food. Take home these platters in varying sizes and colours for a trendy theme. Pile it up with rice, pastas, veggies or fruits, to pass around at mealtimes. It could be left in the centre of the table at other times, to hold fresh fruits, nuts or snacks for the family. Oozing with a vintage charm, this quirky piece would fit well with other simple decor. Stripped bare woods, natural leathers other personalised pieces will create a style all of your own. The tough iron will stand the test of time, and the weathered appearance gives off a laid back vibe. Use this alongside similar items, for a tied together look.


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