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Wood and Glass Chest of Drawers Dresser


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Storage space is an absolute must in any home and why not do it in pure, classy and individual style? This chest of drawers is nothing short of magical to look at: A rare and intriguing combination of wood and glass have been used to create this design gem, a piece that will bring you space as well as true and timeless beauty. The majority of this three drawer piece has been constructed using light wood, which has been given a slightly distressed look throughout. Glass panelling has been used on the counter top as well as for the face of the drawers. Beautifully and amazingly, the face of the drawers has wooden insertions throughout, with pieces framing each section. Additionally, wood crawls over the glass facing in a curvy, easy flowing and criss-cross nature. This chest of drawers is destined to stand classically in any room, bringing you years of visual, storage and style pleasure.


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